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www.nicholsonsmith.co.za is the trading entity of Nicholson Smith. Nicholson Smith has its headquarters in Johannesburg.

Copyright and Trademarks

The contents of the Gemsquash web pages (including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, written text and other materials) are the copyright, trademark or registered trademark of Nicholson Smith. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The copying, modification, distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into any other work or part or all of the material available on the Nicholson Smith website in any form is prohibited. The exception being that an individual may copy or download extracts of the material on the Nicholson Smith website for the sole purpose of using this website data in good faith for domestic or non-commercial purposes or for placing an order with Nicholson Smith.

The copying, printing or downloading of any of the material on the Nicholson Smith website is authorised providing it is for the sole purpose of sending it on to individual third parties for their personal information and provided that no commercial advantage or benefit may be gained by sender from so doing.

Nicholson Smith must be cited as the source of the material and that any user of the information is equally bound by the Nicholson Smith terms and conditions. All users who forward Nicholson Smith website material agree to inform all third parties that these conditions will also apply equally to the recipients and they are legally bound to comply with all the set terms and conditions.

Nicholson Smith Disclaimer:

Nicholson Smith endeavors to provide accurate, up to date and truthful information on their website. Nicholson Smith or any of its employees, agents and associates may not make any representations or give any warranties, whether expressly, tacitly or implied.

Nicholson Smith, its employees, agents and associates will not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising or resulting from the use of or inability to use this site or the information provided on the website including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages.

Products & Pricing

Nicholson Smith prices are subject to change without notice. In case of a product price change and a customer order being received Nicholson Smith reserves the right not to accept the order or inform the customer of the price change which the customer may accept or reject at their discretion.

Nicholson Smith may alter and improve specifications of any item described on the website or on any other media at any time, including prices, details and the components of any of the products.

Change to User Agreement:

Nicholson Smith reserves the right to make changes to this website and this user agreement at any time without notice.


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