Strandveld Vineyards

Strandveld Vineyards

Our Farm

Our vineyards are the most southerly in Africa.  Our farm is situated 11km from the Atlantic ocean, between Elim and Cape Agulhas. It is made up of two farms:Blomfontein (44ha planted under vine) and Uintjieskuil (25ha planted under vine). The cool climate and unique location is perfect for producing special wines. Strandveld Vineyards forms part of the Elim Wine Ward.

The Winemaker

Conrad Vlok, our winemaker, is an unpretentious, hospitable man. While intelligently able to combine the art and science that is viticulture and wine-making, he is not a man to stand on ceremony. His eyes twinkle with enthusiasm as he cracks oysters, braais fresh kabeljou and talks about the wines that are Strandveld and First Sighting. "First Sighting is wine for drinking and enjoying. True to its coastal origins, you will find that slow ripening has yielded generous flavours," Conrad enthuses. "Decisions in the vineyards and in the cellar are all with one idea in mind; creating a versatile wine that will drink well on its own and will also be the perfect accompaniment to the type of food we tend to eat every day.. or for special occasions." Conrad goes on to describe the Strandveld Wines: “The Strandveld Wines are for the more serious wine lover who wishes to experience a specific part of our Elim Terroir.


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